Our advantage at the initial stage as well as at any level is communication, simplicity of communication, professionalism, and comfort that is a guarantee of high quality, and project uniquen

How do we work? 

Cooperation includes the following standards:

  1. The first communication with the customer - Introduction to the project and identification of customer requirements
  2. Find information about the territory and get to know the needs of the customer
  3. Handing over the designed version to the customer 
  4.  Confirmation of the finished order

Interior Design 

How do we work? 

The first step is communication - introduction to project and identification of customers needs

The meeting is always preferable. In this step, we try to get maximum information about customers and their needs, not only about the project. We try to understand customers way of living, tastes, and preferences and only after that we offer different agreements. 

The next step is already practical. We start observing processes at the project. It includes photo and video recordings, measuring and planning, working on allocation of furniture, bulkheads, and rooms. Later we offer several versions to customers from which they choose one. They state their remarks and project develops, so, we get the finished image of the project.  

The last step is to work on the visual side according to approved and signed plans. 

We find material before the plan is approved. We also use materials from Europe's leading manufacturers in premium quality projects. Furnishing material, ceramic tile, furniture, lighting, colors, volume, and more detail are visualized as in a real interior. 

We create premium quality projects

Interior design includes furniture, distribution of electrical power, selection of walls, ceilings, flooring, facing materials, planning, and visualization.

We are also involved in the repairing process.  It happens often when customers want to change something at different stages. And this is only done by the designer. 

The next step is supervising the project. The repairing process is followed by the facing process and customer involvement is very important. At this point, we make decisions together. In case it’s necessary, we visit showrooms and even though the materials are already chosen, the final decision is only depended on the customer itself. 

Architecture - Exterior and architectural engineering 

How do we work? 

In the first stage, the customer provides the cadastral code before the project is introduced, so we are checking it on the website of the City Hall Architecture Service. To avoid risks, the best option is to contact us before the potential customer acquisition and send us a cadastral code.

The architectural project requires agreement with the municipality and this process involves three stages:

Determination of the conditions for use of the land plot for the purpose of submitting various documents, including sketch version.

Project agreement

Issuing building permission

Our advantage at the initial stage as well as at any level is communication, simplicity of communication, professionalism, and comfort that is a guarantee of high quality, and project uniqueness.

We offer a complete package of services. we are helping to prepare the necessary documents for the permit. Constructor, geologist and topographer are involved in the process.

After completing the first stage, after submitting the requested documentation, within two to three days, we will present the project to the Architecture Service. After passing these stages, we are getting a construction permit. In total, we get a municipal permit within two or two and a half months, but according to the wishes of the customer, it is possible to use the accelerated service. 

During this whole process, we are open and transparent. And we answer to any question… 

After the permit, the Customer shall make a decision on supervision services. Supervision means a maximum of 4 visits to the site and our involvement in the construction works as a consultant.

Terms of settlement

Settlement happens step by step, as tranche, according to the contract terms. Initially, the Customer pays 30-50% of the cost of the project, and after the completion of the work, the remaining amount should be fully covered.